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Sample Project: A multimedia series in partnership with national digital platform to promote a human-centered approach to nonprofit measurement: client feedback.


U.S. Foundation

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  • Commentary from sector leaders on the power of feedback, feedback tools and tactics, and how to make feedback part of the way an organization works.

  • Video and podcasts with end users, empowered by seeing their feedback applied. 

  • Audio slideshows by experts that explain how to incorporate feedback across operations


 To make gathering and applying client feedback a social sector measurement norm that complements monitoring and evaluation

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A coalition of funders and nonprofits committed to the feedback movement equipped with social media and newsletter blurbs to get the word out to constituents as campaign unfolds.

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Timing & Measurement

September 2018 – February 2019

Survey panel of readers and listeners polled at intervals from launch to post-campaign; social and earned media monitoring

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National digital platform, philanthropy insight aggregators, earned media.

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